Placing the Ninja Kitchen System 1200 in the Spotlight

All-in-one appliances appears to be the raged prev days. You save much more cash in case you purchase all-in-one appliances since it’s a combination of different products in one; plus, it helps you save time at the same time. As a result, you can even avoid spending unnecessary cash for appliance replacement. Ninja kitchen system 1200 is actually a professional dough making and also blending system and it’s made from Ninja blade technologies. With it’s smart speed technology, this particular machine could blend ingredients with controllable speed.

Cleaning this machine is an easy work, and it also has a 3 speed control and processing. There’s also some other add-ons that comes along with the product such as a dough hook, whisk, cookie dough paddle as well as blades assembly. Stated below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this machine:


Motor Power

The power output of the product is about 1100-watt. The 1100 Watts motors works in ensuring that fruit’s are processed and also the machine works properly.

3 tier blender blades

It’s installed along with three tier of Ninja blades. These increase their effectiveness and also the resultant product is of top quality. This 3 level blade system makes sure that Ninja ninja kitchen 1200 will certainly still functions even though one blade is broken. Ninja 1200 is set up with 6 blades in general.


The product has a Locking suction foot. It makes the machine more stable when it is used. A lot of users of related machine system encounter problems in relation to machine stability. This sort of problem will also make poor controls whenever the machine is being used.

lid’s lock

This mega kitchen system machine have magnificent lid’s locks. The locks prevent pouring of the drink just in case there is a mishap.

Fairly Quiet

The majority of the blenders make loud noises, but along with Ninja blender, you can�t hear almost any ear-splitting noise and it’s incredibly reliable. When it is working, there’s minimal noise pollution which makes it by far the most user friendly product on the market.

Additional Specs

The other incredible features of Ninja Kitchen System 1200 include: Oversized 72-ounce pitcher, BPA-free, handle ice without difficulty, has a much secured dish washer, usury cook nook with more than 11 dishes included, high speed and it’s long-lasting ability.

Cons of Ninja Kitchen System 1200

Each and every machine has it’s own weakness. And here are a few drawbacks of the Ninja Kitchen System 1200:

The system lacks a chute or an opening for adding liquid ingredients. Along with this, adding liquid ingredients will probably be done by opening the lid and also ceasing the whole process altogether.

It doesn’t entirely turn the fruit’s into juice. Together with that, it does not have similar functions into a juicer machine. The height of the ninja blender is around 18 inches. These makes it hard to fit in some cabinets so as to store over counter tops. Other clients say that it will not start immediately. And that is mainly because the lid’s size are fixed, and are not interchangeable. That is exactly why when the lid’s are accidentally switched, the machine shuts down.


-Despite it’s disadvantages, the machine still is one of the best on the market.

-it’s rewards outweighs it’s weaknesses

-Ninja kitchen system is obtainable in online stores and also shops around the world that comes at a very reasonable price.